Keeping Safe and Sound

If you feel sick, try calling the emergency number “103” from any line. Your insurance will cover the cost of treatment. Of course, you should not expect that your chronic illness will be seen too, but at least the first aid in case of a stroke is guaranteed as well as a plaster to fix a broken ankle.

As for other things, all safety measures eligible for your own country stand true in Belarus. All those little things you’ve heard since your childhood. All those stupid don’ts: Do not stick fingers into a socket. Do not cross a street when the lights are red. They all are valid here.

Most foreigners who come to Belarus, Ukraine or Russia for the first time, worry about two issues – a crime rate and a radiation level. To tell the truth, both are exaggerated myths.

Of course, it would not be wise to go to the central market with all the pockets filled with packs of banknotes but comparing to some cities in the developed Western countries, like New-York or Naples, Belarus is really a blessed harbor of peace. No reckless motorcyclist will try to snatch your bag at a crossroad and you can surely walk to a place that you rent in Minsk at night not being afraid to be robbed at the nearest dark corner. Though, choosing apartments for rent in Minsk it is better not to consider the industrial district. Just because of the fact that the air there is much dirtier and the landscape much more monotonous than the rest of the city, but, of course, you can save a lot.

Also some foreigners who are aware of Chernobyl disaster, are full of dreadful suspicions that the very air here is teeming with luminous radio nuclides. In fact, all that is much of exaggeration. The disaster influenced mostly the southeastern part of the country, while the capital is almost in the center of the state. To get irradiated one have to go to the Radioecological Natural Reserve which is at the border with the Ukraine, and eat something growing there which is quite difficult as it is quite closely guarded.

So, you see, everything here is just as it is in any European city, minus numerous immigrants from the East and South which most of the Europeans will find an advantage. Taking into account all of the above, you are sure to return home safe and sound as you used to be when came here.