How to get to Minsk by air

There is only one international airport in Belarus - the one in Minsk. It's IATA abbreviation is MSQ. The most of the flights are operated by the national career Belavia. There are also flights of different international companies. Minsk is connected by direct flights with the following cities: Abu Dhabi, Almaty, Amsterdam, Ashgabat, Astana, Baku, Barcelona, Batumi, Beijing, Beirut, Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hanover, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kaliningrad, Kharkov, Kiev, Krasnodar, Larnaca, London, Lvov, Milan, Moscow, Nice, Odesa, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Zaporozhye. You can enter Belarus from Russian airports only if you have both Russian and Belarusian visas, otherwise you will not be allowed to check in.

The airport is situated in 45 km from the center of Minsk.

The cheapest way to arrive to Minsk from the airport is the bus which leaves from gate 6 of the ground floor. It goes to Minsk central bus station (200 m from the railway station), its price is around 1.50 USD if you go till the nearest metro station "Uruchye" and 2 USD if you go further. You can ask the driver to stop at any bus stop in the city through its itinerary. The tickets are sold by the driver, only cash in roubles. Going back from Minsk to the airport you can pay by card or cash at the central bus station cashier desk or cash to the driver. The same itinerary is operated by a mini-bus "marshrutka" with a price around 10% higher.

The cheapest taxi from the airport is Uber. You have to be a registered user and have internet connection upon arrival to Minsk but beware that Belarus is not a part of the EU and the roaming rates for your mobile internet may be extremely high. If you are lucky and Uber takes you from the airport (there are not too many cars of this service in Minsk so sometimes there are no at all in the airport) you will pay around 10-13 USD till the center of the city. The airport itself offers transfer service form 30 BYN (around 15 USD) for one way, it's better to book it in advance on thier website beacuse they do not have many cars.

If you don't find or cannot call online taxi you can ask in the airport - on the ground floor of gates 4 and 6 there are facilities which will give you a car (if there is any available) at 25-30 USD. The worst thing you can do is to take a taxi from the men who stand at the arrival gates and propose their service for the travelers. They will start asking 50 USD, if you are lucky they will give you a discount and you will pay 40, if you are not lucky they will make you pay even 100 EUR.

If you want to take taxi and be sure not to pay exaggerated amount you can ask us before your arrival and we will send a reliable driver to take you to Minsk at reasonable price of 25 Euro.

How to get to Minsk by train or bus

In 180 km from Minsk you can find a beautiful city of Vilnius. Lots of foreign travelers who do not want to spend a lot for air tickets use Vilnius airport to get to Belarus. It is connected with many European cities by Ryanair and Wizzair so sometimes it's possible to fly paying just 10 Euro. Vilnius airport is in 5 km from central bus and railway stations, getting there with public bus or train costs 1 Euro. There are 3 comfortable trains connecting Vilnius and Minsk every day, it takes less than 3 hours and you can enjoy Minsk. The tickets cost 16-21 Euro. The customs and border control are held directly in the Vilnius railway station so be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before departure. On the train platform you will find a duty free shop. Belarusian border and customs control is held directly in train, don't forget to have visa and insurance policy or its copy with you. Belarus is connected by trains also with Latvia, Poland and Ukraine and all the border and customs controls are held directly in trains. The trains which come from Russia actually can take foreigners only if they have both Russian and Belarusian visas and there are no controls on the border. But you cannot take train neither bus to get to Russia from Belarus even if you have all the visas - this is a new situation cretated by Russian government in the beginning of February 2017, we shall see how they are going to solve it.

Minsk is also connected with capitals of neighboring countries by international buses. At the borders all the passengers have to leave the bus and go with all their luggage to the customs terminal where they pass quite a severe control. Of course you must have Belarusian visa in your passport and insurance policy or its copy. You can take bus going from Russia to Belarus only if you have both visas or Russia and Belarus. Starting from the end of 2016 Russia has put controls on highways and you cannot enter Russia with bus or car coming from Belarus unless you are a citizen of Russia or Belarus, they do not let anyone else in.

Public transport in Minsk

Being a rather big city (of course, not that big as Moscow or New-York) Minsk, nevertheless, counts about 2 million inhabitants and shares all the advantages of having a subway. The subway system is not that big, just 29 stations in two lines (blue and red) which, though, is enough if you are going to keep to the center of the city. Buying a token (just about 30 cents) at a smiling lady and passing a turnstile (watch out!) is quite easy. Though you need a bit of attention when choosing a direction. All the tables are in Belarusian with Latin transcription which is not very useful though asking a local inhabitant can help. Most universities are situated not far from subway stations so a chance to find a student speaking some foreign language is rather high if you prefer English and a bit less if that’s something else. Just avoid asking about the direction some old lady or gentleman especially if you speak German. You are sure to spend time in vain and what’s more can learn a lot of new things about World War II.

As for other kinds of public transportation, there are buses, trolleybuses and trams in the city as well but it’s quite doubtful you’ll like them especially during morning and evening hot hours, when they resemble more of a can of sardines. Most people when coming to Belarus prefer to take a taxi. It’s quite easy to find them anywhere and the rate is quite low. 15 USD are enough to go through all the city from its Northern tip to the Southern one. If you don't take Uber or Yandex you’d better agree on the payment beforehand and don’t be afraid to bargain. Self confidence with a bit of common sense thrift can be of use. So, choosing apartments for rent in Minsk keep in head all of the above. The best variant is to choose one next to a subway station with an option to take a taxi going from a night club or just walk if the day is really great. Some phones to call a taxi using a local cell simcard are below: