Border crossing in the airport

Nothing special, just show the officer your passport with valid Belarusian visa and filled migration card (you will get it in the plane or you can find it at the airport info desks before border control. Sometimes they ask you to show the insurance policy or its copy. After border passport control you will find yourself in the luggage retrieval area, please check that you picked your baggage, sometimes it happens that people catch a suitcase of other people because it looks the same, and they do not check the labels. Once you're done with the luggage you may try to enter Belarus... If customs officers allow you... See the articles below... On departure, you should present your passport and the migration card, it will remain at Belarusian border police office.

Border crossing by train or bus

If you enter or leave Belarus by train all the controls are fulfilled right in the train. You should stay on your assigned seat all the time of the control (up to one hour). Before arriving to the border the hostess gives you a migration card, fill it in in both parts A and B and give it to the border police together with the passport when asked. The same procedure will await you on exiting Belarus. Together with passport control some customs officers will ask you what exactly you are carrying with you, if you want to declare something and so on.

If you enter Belarus by bus all the passengers will have to take their luggage and move to the terminal for passport and customs control. There you will find migration cards on info desks and don't forget to fill it in unless you are a Belarusian o Russian citizen. After passport control you will see a customs officer and usually you will have to open all your suitcases showing him/her all your items one by one.

Border crossing by own car

The official information about border crossing is found on the website of Belarusian border police.

Before coming to Belarus by own car think about the cues at the borders first. Sometimes it happens to stay without movement for 4-5 hours. Still going by car? Ok then...

When you enter the first gate the officer will ask you to open your vehicle boot unless it's possible to see that you do not carry 15 illegal immigrants to Belarus, you will show him your passport and he will give you a sheet of paper with your name written and your vehicle registration number. They call it talon. Try not to throw it before you pass all the controls, it was only the beginning. First of all go to the Red Channel. When you're in proximity of border control stand the driver and all the passengers have to present to the border police officer, first the driver giving own passport, migration card properly filled in (you will find them on info desks nearby or ask the border police officer), vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance (green card) and the famous talon you were given on the first gate. After the driver every passenger must give his/her passport to the officer personally.

The first act is over. You have passports with Belarusian stamp, vehicle registration certificate, its insurance and well-known talon with the stamp of border police. Now show your vehicle documents at the stand with the shield "Transport control" and they will stamp your "talon" too. After that you should go to the next info desk, this is the customs' one! You will find customs declarations there and you must pick at least two - both for the car owner. Fill in both copies following the instructions at the info desk and go to the stand of customs. They will ask for your passport again, your vehicle registration certificate and the customs declaration we just talked about. It will take a while to finish the procedure, in the meantime you will be asked to open again the boot of your vehicle to see this time if you don't carry something prohibited.

After customs control is over you will get back your passport, your vehicle registration certificate and famous sheet of paper named talon with three stamps on it. You may go now! Just till the last gate where you will have to open again your boot just to show that you still do not have 15 illegal immigrants, and finally you will get rid of your talon.

When you are in Belarus or in Russia with your vehicle registered elsewhere in the world, never let any citizen of Belarus, Russia or Kazakstan to drive it - this is a serious law infringement and you will get punished by huge fine and your сar will remain here forever, just because the court will confiscate it.

Now you are definitely in Belarus. Welcome! But don't forget to pay the roads...

Toll roads

The official information about toll roads in Belarus is found on the website of handling company - Beltoll.

First of all - don't try to pass on paid roads without paying - they will stop you, if not at the moment they will do it after, but they will. You will pay 100 Euro per each passed control point which are found every 10 km or even more frequently.

Before your trip download the full map of toll roads from their site. If your itinerary has even 10 km of their roads go and buy their gadget. You will find them on the first filling station after the border. Iit will cost you 45 euro - paid by card or in cash in roubles. 20 of them is the deposit price which you will get back when you leave Belarus and give away their gadget before passing the border. 25 of them are to cover eventual toll road kms you'd make. Every check point you pass will reduce your 25 Euro balance counting kilometers you make per 0.04 Euro. For example, Brest - iInsk would cost you 14 Euro (we are talking about normal vehicles up to 3.5 t). The rest of unused money will be given you back together with the deposit on leaving. If you need more than 25 Euro for Belarusian roads you can charge it on lots of gas station on toll roads.

Do not forget to attach their device under the window in quite open position under the windscreen - if per any reason it will not be recognized on any check-point you will get the fine of 100 Euro per each check-point passed. Quite fair deal according to Austrian owned Beltoll company, isn't it?

Customs regulation

The official information about customs regulations is found on the website of State Customs Committe of the Republic of Belarus.

Never try to bribe customs officers - you will get in Belarusian jail, and this is not a joke :(

Entering Belarus you are allowed to bring:

- 3 liters of any alcoholic drinks including beer;
- 200 cigarettes;
- cash and travel cheques for 10,000 USD

If you come by plane and carry more than 5 liters of alcohol the customs will confiscate exceeding alcohol and you will have to pay the customs fees of 30 euro and a fine which can exceed 100 Euro.

If you have more than 10,000 USD in cash and travel cheques you have to declare them - nothing special, it's free. If you do not declare the amount exceeding 10,000 will be confiscated. There are also serious limitations in carrying jewelry.

Never bring here narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances of any kind - if only you want to spend the next 10 years of your life in Belarusian prisons. The same regards radioactive substances, weapons and their parts.

If you come by car and carry more than 200 cigarettes or 5 liters of alcohol the customs officer can easily deny you to enter Belarus and send you back. You can have only 50 kg of personal belongings with you, if you have more you'll pay at least 4 Euro per each extra kg. If you bring any home applliance which weight exceeds 35 kg you will have to pay customs fees which vary in different goods but you can be sure to pay more than 100 Euro.